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This German Potato Salad formula is so natural ( I utilized a couple of stunts to make the cycle so a lot quicker) and it’s likewise more beneficial with zero refined sugar and less immersed fat. In any case, it is 100 high in heavenly smoky, prepared flavor!

When I chose to share my German Potato Salad formula with all of you, I contemplated internally, do I have an excessive number of potato servings of mixed greens here on Healthy Seasonal Recipes? What number of potato plate of mixed greens plans is too much? What’s more, after some idea, I concluded there is nothing of the sort as an excessive number of potato serving of mixed greens plans. Other than it wouldn’t be all in all correct to not share a German-style potato plate of mixed greens (one served warm, no mayonnaise and with the expansion of bacon!) since that is the thoughtful I grew up eating.

It additionally appeared to be an easy decision to share this specific German Potato Salad formula today since it is from my cookbook, Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup {Quirk Books, 2015.}

Back in March when I shared my Perfect Oatmeal Pancakes, which is another formula from Maple, I referenced that my book had left print, and that implied I had gotten the rights back to the plans to Maple. I’ve chosen not to experience the cycle to re-distribute it with another distributing house. Rather I am going to impart my preferred plans from Maple to you here on my blog.

Indeed, I’m simply recollecting as I compose this, that unexpectedly when we returned from our ongoing outing to Germany, and I shared my German Mustard Salad Dressing formula with you, I contemplated internally how I wished I reserved the options to this exceptionally German Potato Salad from my book. Furthermore, presently I do. So it’s gotta occur, you see? #NeverEnoughPotatoSalad!

What is German Potato Salad

German Potato Salad is a warm potato serving of mixed greens made with a vinegar-based dressing, bacon, onion, and celery. It is prepared and has a smoky bacon flavor and crunchy surface from the celery and onion. German Potato Salad is produced using hot potatoes and a dressing made with vinegar, sugar, and oil or bacon fat.

As I stated, I grew up eating this style of potato plate of mixed greens. (Way more so than velvety potato serving of mixed greens. ) I asked my mother how she happened after the creation of a mayo free form. She had grown up eating her mom’s oil and vinegar potato plate of mixed greens. She said she hooked onto the thought likely from a formula she had found in Gourmet Magazine eventually. I recall that she made the dressing in the skillet after the bacon emerged from the skillet. She utilized the drippings from the container, included the vinegar and sugar, and cooked it. At that point, she’d pour the dressing over the warm cut potatoes, include hacked red onion and celery, and cleaved parsley too.

I looked into the German Potato plate of mixed greens in the Joy Of Cooking and it sounds entirely like the thought she made (less the dill pickle.)

In our ongoing outing to Germany, we had warm potato plates of mixed greens that were more similar to this Swabian potato plate of mixed greens that were made with stock and onion. Some had no bacon by any stretch of the imagination. In the above photo, you can see a touch of the potato serving of mixed greens took care of close to the veal frankfurter on the left on one of the hotdog sampler plates we attempted.

We ate a great deal of potato serving of mixed greens while in Germany. Hah, not in every case deliberately yet it appeared to accompany all that we ordered!  While they all have similitudes, the potato servings of mixed greens in Germany shift by locale. The German Potato Salad I grew up eating during the 80s and 90s was a greater amount of an Americanized form of what we call German Potato Salad.

In any case, the formula I am sharing today is neither customary German nor really conventional American German! Rather I have taken the kinds of the Americanized adaptation I grew up eating and afterward made it solid (by definitely diminishing the bacon fat and refined sugar) and really simpler (there’s no cooking of the dressing, and no compelling reason to strip the potatoes.) Why? Since that is the manner in which I move here on Healthy Seasonal Recipes! I’m continually attempting to make flavorful approachable food more beneficial and simpler!

Elements For This German Potato Salad Recipe

Hypersensitive Potatoes:

Search for little red or yellow cleaned potatoes.

Olive Oil:

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats which are heart solid.

Unadulterated Maple Syrup:

Customarily German Potato Salads have sugar added to the dressing and it is liquefied into the dressing as it cooks. This dressing is a lot simpler and shouldn’t be cooked on the grounds that the sugar is now fluid. The kind of “Dull Robust” maple syrup is best in this formula on the off chance that you can discover it.

Earthy colored Mustard:

German mustard is a ton like what we call earthy colored store mustard here in the States. In the event that you have Dijon (which is more grounded) utilize 1/2 teaspoons.

Salt and Pepper:

The salt assists in adjusting the prepared flavors. I will in general go substantial on the pepper, however, simply add to taste.

Smoked Paprika:

OK while paprika is utilized in German Potato serving of mixed greens, smoked is another story. I realize this isn’t conventional, yet this is the place the “sound” part of this formula comes in. The smoked paprika is added to amp up the smoky bacon flavor without including every one of those calories and immersed fat of genuine bacon. I additionally love the slight rosy color it adds to the serving of mixed greens.


Ye, I used bacon. Try not to stress! What’s more, I like to utilize great quality thick-cut bacon for this formula. I just utilize 5 strips, so going for the best quality bacon has the effect.


I purchase celery hearts for this formula and I go to the focal point of the bundle to get the stalks with leaves despite everything connected. This was a vital segment of my mother’s German Potato plate of mixed greens. The sharpness of the leaves includes the adjusting taste that assists with making the entire formula more agreeable.

Red Onion:

The key here is to hack the red onion as finely as possible. Since the onion isn’t cooked a little goes far. Only a quarter cup is all you have to cause the plate of mixed greens to have a general onion flavor.


As you presumably know at this point I am to some degree a parsley aficionado! So it isn’t just conventional yet important to add to this formula, in my psyche.

Step by step instructions to Make This Easy German Potato Salad Recipe

Cook The Potatoes

Cut The Potatoes First

Likewise, with my Vegan Potato Salad with Herbs, I utilize little potatoes and slice them before steaming them.

Numerous plans for a potato plate of mixed greens have you strip the hot potatoes and afterward cut them. I am excessively fretful for that! Furthermore, I discover slicing at that point steaming to work similarly too.

Why Steaming?

Instead of covering it with cold water and heating the potatoes to a boil, which takes some time, I cut a corner and steamed it. This way you only need to sit firmly to get a limited amount of water to get to the soup. This shaves 10 minutes off your all-out time!

The most effective method to Cook The Bacon in the Microwave

Since we’re not stressed over safeguarding bacon oil for the dressing, you can spare time (and bacon oil showering everywhere on over your oven) and cook the bacon in the microwave. To do as such:

Layer two paper towels on a huge microwave-safe supper plate.

Lay bacon, one next to the other, on the paper towel.

Head the bacon with two additional layers of paper towel.

Verify whether the bacon is firm and if not keep cooking in 30-second stretches until the bacon is fresh and sautéed.

Let cool 5 minutes.

Dispose of paper towels and either disintegrate or leave the bacon.

In the event that you don’t have a microwave, at that point, you can totally do this on the burner or even the broiler if that is your thing.

Make The Dressing

To make this dressing, no cooking is required! It’s just plain obvious, what I mean about this formula being easy???!!! You should simply whisk the oil, vinegar, maple syrup, mustard, salt, pepper, and paprika in a huge bowl.

Add The Hot Potatoes To The Dressing

So the potatoes can retain the most extreme flavor, add them to the dressing while they are quite hot straight out of the liner.

Truly I know this sounds natural! This is a procedure I use for cold plates of mixed greens a ton. Actually only two or three weeks prior I was stating this is key when making Texas Caviar. It has a significant effect on the flavor!

It additionally covers the potatoes in the oil from the dressing which makes it so the starches won’t remain together.

Let the potatoes cool for a tad. Just 10 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity.

Include The Bacon, Celery, Onion, and Parsley Last

After the potatoes have gotten an opportunity to absorb the dressing, include the firm disintegrated bacon, hacked celery hearts and leaves, minced onion, and slashed parsley.

Give everything a decent mix and you can serve it right away. Or then again let it cool to room temperature.

Steps to making this healthy version of German potato salad

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