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It’s berry season here in Pennsylvania, which infers my Keto jam recipe has been getting it’s sensible use!

Of the significant number of jams and sticks I like to make at home, blueberry is a particular top decision.

The flavor profile is uncommon and I thoroughly love the significant, rich purple concealing.

This sans sugar jam recipe is mind blowing for spreading on your favored low carb bread. It tastes shocking in solidified yogurt and yogurt, too!

At just 1 net carbs per serving, this recipe is also gluten free and sensible for practically anyone!

Jam versus Jelly

Jam and jam are near, anyway most don’t have the foggiest thought regarding the differentiation (myself included).

Standard jam plans will all in all be made with unadulterated natural item squeeze, making a great (yet still clear) concealing. All verdant nourishments get worried to make a smooth consistency.

Jam on the other hand, uses the entire natural item. It’s also lower in sugar and I love seeing the pieces and pieces of certifiable blueberry all through.

Components for sans sugar Blueberry Jam

Like for all intents and purposes the aggregate of my arrangements, I endeavor to keep it essential with the trimmings list.

You’ll require:



lemon juice

sugar of choice

thickener of choice

Components for Keto Blueberry Jam

Gelatin who?

In case you look through standard jam plans, you’ll see that many call for including a fixing called gelatin.

Gelatin is a sort of starch that is ordinarily found in results of the dirt.

Grievously, gelatin is a concentrated wellspring of starches and isn’t a Keto-obliging other option.

Thickening your jam

My recipe uses a thickener called thickener. It’s concentrate from sea development and works splendidly of thickening sauces.

That forsakes saying, be mindful while including your thickener! An overabundance of can change your jam into a thick glob of goo.

Looking for another way to deal with thicken your jam? You can in like manner endeavor:


chia seeds

guar gum

sunflower lecithin

Would I have the option to use cemented blueberries?

When after all different choices have been depleted, cemented blueberries will work okay.

The fundamental essential differentiation will be the surface. Cemented natural item will when all is said in done get delicate really quick, so adjusting your cooking times may be fundamental.

Amazingly enough, cemented natural item is sometimes shockingly superior to new. This is in light of the fact that cemented natural item will by and large be set up at unequivocally the ideal period of maturing.

Switch things up with these assortments

This recipe fills in as an exceptional base for a collection of various spreads. For example, Keto strawberry jam with new strawberries is another most adored that I wrench out on the ordinary.

You could just switch up the blueberries for:




I moreover propose playing with the citrus types to make something remarkably your own:

incorporate orange or lime juice for a fortifying turn

punch your citrus for a fly of flavor and fascinating surface


Per normal, you can exchange out the sugars with your top decisions, too. I go for allulose in this equation since it blends and tastes just like sugar with no cooling sway. This draws out the standard enjoyableness of the blueberries and it is amazing!

Not a significant of sweet flavors starting Keto? You can decrease the sugar signify 1/4 cup or even kill it completely!

Undoubtedly, even without included agreeableness, this equation is amazingly permissive will at present work out finally.

Would I have the option to would this have the option to stick equation?

Taking into account the straightforwardness of the trimmings, this isn’t a recipe that would work outstandingly for canning.

When canning jams and sticks, acids are used to ensure the sorts of the normal item.

While this equation uses lemon juice (citrus separate), it’s inadequate to keep up the attributes of the jam.

Thusly, I proposed serving inside multi seven day stretch of plan or freezing fit as a fiddle plate.

Plans that work out decidedly for jam

Rather than the raspberries, try whirling this blueberry jam into my Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake equation.

Spread a layer over cream cheddar on a Zesty Cheddar Biscuit for an impactful sweet flavor blend!

Incredibly, this sauce works with mouth-watering sustenances, also. I like to make my own transformation of IKEA’s Swedish meatball and sub in my blueberry jam for the lingonberry.

Tips for productive jam

If you like your blueberry pieces to be on the more diminutive side, don’t cook longer. Or maybe, use a wooden spoon or potato masher to isolate them. An immersion blender will work far superior.

One of my favored low carb bread plans is actually a mix! It’s the generally helpful bread mix from Good Dee’s.

Endeavoring to think about ways to deal with meld jam into your dinners? I like to add mine to red hot dishes to alter the degrees of warmth.

If you find your jam replicating quickly, have a go at dispensing with from the glow and including a touch more water. Moreover consider starting with medium warmth — nothing is more lamentable than the smell of devoured natural item!

New to a Keto Diet?

You’ve apparently heard everyone and their mother examining Keto by this point. If you haven’t, there are a great deal of free resources on my site to kick you off!

Keto Jam with Fresh Blueberries

by Dom Geracia

A flavorful and clear Keto jam equation that features farm new blueberries. This low carb equation requires no gelatin!

Arranging Time 5 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

Hard and fast Time 20 mins

Course Breakfast

Food American

Servings 10 servings

Calories 10 kcal

little sauce skillet

wooden spoon

1 cup blueberries new

⅓ cup allulose

2 tbsp water

1 tsp lemon juice

½ tsp thickener

Incorporate blueberries, lemon press and water to a little container and go warmth to medium-low.

Blend intermittently until mix starts to bubble. This takes around 8-10 minutes.

Incorporate allulose and blend. Decrease warmth to a low stew and cook for another 5-10 minutes. Your blueberries should start to pop and conveyance their juices.

Blend in thickener and mix similarly.

Take out from warmth and let set for 10 minutes.

Serve immediately or let cool absolutely before taking care of in the ice chest however long multi week.

Sustenance Facts

Keto Jam with Fresh Blueberries

Whole Per Serving

Calories 10

Calories from Fat 5

% Daily Value*

Fat 0.5g1%

Starches 2g1%

Fiber 1g4%

Protein 0.5g1%

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